How a custom painting works:


The first step is to arrange the idea of cooperation, whether you will come to my studio in Ostrava or you want to arrange new painting online via video call, photos, video, etc. It's always better to see the interior where I will create painting. A visit to your place is also possible (more so for larger commissions and series). Every client is different and suits something different, I fully respect that and always adapt to their needs. I realise that you may be a long way from my studio. That's why I'm very flexible when it comes to appointment times. For some people it is enough to arrange a painting remotely, some people have no problem coming to me from Prague by car, some people find it convenient to come by train and use the time on the way to work. In this case I offer to arrange a pick up at the station and transfer to the studio. All variants of cooperation are possible and we will always find a common way.


The next step is to determine the dimensions, the placement in the interior and to specify the colour idea of the painting. If you are hesitant about the format or dimensions, I will be happy to advise you. I will also ask you to select a few finished paintings from the gallery that you like to get an idea of the technique, colour scheme and style of your new painting.


Based on this specification I am able to determine the final price (price is final, shipping or delivery is free within the Czech Republic and SK).


After agreeing on the price, I either get straight to work or create designs first. I would like to point out that the final painting always looks different than the sketch, if only because the sketch of the painting is small and the large area of the real canvas is worked differently. For example, someone wants a surprise, we choose the colours and dimensions and the rest is up to me. Honestly, I find it best to work straight onto the canvas, without sketch. I believe that if I get a few important pieces of information from you, I am able to tune in to the same wave and fulfill your idea. I don't take any deposit as I don't want to commit the client to anything. Likewise, ordering a commissioned painting is not binding. I have never had a client not take a commissioned painting and they have always liked the painting. I simply offer trust and want to provide absolute freedom and liberty without obligation.


Once the design has been agreed, I will find out the time availability of my joiner and subsequently my upholsterer. To this I will add the time for the actual realisation - this varies between 2-4 weeks, depending on the dimensions, the difficulty of the technique and the current workload. So please, if you have a painting as a gift, book at least a date in advance, we will fine-tune the rest.


Once the painting is finished, I will send you photos and then we will agree on the method of delivery. Of course, the painting can be picked up at my studio, shipped and in case of larger sizes I will personally deliver the painting.